Join the Clean Car Club and your vehicle will always be in pristine condition!

How it works:

To start off we perform a Wash-Clay-Protect detailing service on the exterior and either a Stage One, Two, or Three interior service to get your vehicle ready for regular maintenance.

(Starting price of $350)

These services include exterior hand wash, clay bar application to exfoliate the paint, and then finish with our top-rated sealant. The interior includes a thorough wipe down of all hard surface including dashboard, steering wheel, center console, cup holders, and door jambs. We also vacuum and shampoo all the carpets and mats. Cloth seats will also be vacuumed and shampooed. Leather seats will be wiped down and cleaned.

After the first detailing service you pay a monthly fee and never have to worry about when your vehicle's next wash will be. Choose between our bi-weekly or weekly packages below.

The Clean Car Membership

$200 to $300

Our bi-weekly subscription includes an exterior wash and interior clean and vacuum. You will also get quarterly maintenance of exterior and interior detailing service.

The Perfect Car Membership

$275 to $375

With our weekly subscription you will get an exterior hand wash and an interior clean and vacuum as well. With this level of attention your vehicle will never need a detailing service ever again!

Are you ready to be part of the Clean Car Club?

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